Ginger Blaast products are FDA compliant, analyzed and set up by NUTRIDATA, CA. GB products have a substantial shelve life for Natural beverages.

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Ginger Dipping Sauce
Ginger Blaast Ginger-Dipping-Sauce-1-scaled Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever thought of dipping your Veggies or chicken thighs in to a sauce other than conventional tomato made?GDS is the perfect alternative made of pure ginger extracts, lemon juice and a bit of sugar and you will love the small warmth as you swallow bit by bit
That’s Just Ginger!

Ginger Milk
Ginger Blaast 6-e1578760982861 Frequently Asked Questions

Ginger Milk is the base of all ginger made products and shows in 3 visual levels from top to bottom where white starch accumulates
Ginger Milk can be used to make various potions and concoctions.
Consumers in sugar diet have a preference for Ginger Milk as they dilute one spoonful in their water-filled tumbler or teacup …or the cook with it.
Love Ginger!

Ginger Concentrate
Ginger Blaast Sweet-Blaast-Gingerale- Frequently Asked Questions

Remember that weekend morning Breakfast! Dilute your concentrate with 4 to 5 times water quantity and let your buddies enjoy every bit of energy coming out of Ginger roots
Ginger concentrate accommodates every cup of tea or it can become a cup of tea just by adding into hot water
Enjoyable at every hour of your day!
Ginger Milk can be used to make various potions and concoctions. Ginger Concentrate comes in two bottles sizes. The family size and the purse size.

The family size is 16 OZ for the whole family to enjoy.
The purse and carryon size is 3.4 OZ. It is very convenient. With this size, your favorite product is handy to make your ginger tea, drink, and spice up your dessert at any time. You can take it anywhere
Love Ginger!

Marinade your chicken wings with Ginger Concentrate and discover the delicious sweet spicy taste

Ginger Blaast ginger-concentrate-300x194 Frequently Asked Questions
Honey Blaast Gingerale
Ginger Blaast ginger-honey-blaast-gingerele Frequently Asked Questions

Juices processed out of fresh Ginger Extracts, no chemicals, no preservatives;
Our body needs naturally made products, we make it all natural
Savor it Cold as one is blended with Honey and the other with light natural sugar

Infused Ginger

Crystallized Ginger

Times of cold? try chew one of these, and keep chewing any time these marvels of Ginger world

Honey Infuse Ginger

Ginger Cocktail Mixer

Name says it all!
Engineered with Bartender in mind, discover the flavor of ginger mixed with your favorite drink…liquor? Become a specialist in drink creation for your family gatherings
Made out of Ginger roots extracts, lemon and Sugar

Crystal Ginger Chew Candies

You will not have enough of these

Crystal Ginger Chew Candies