Fighting Coronavirus

Fighting Coronavirus

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Fresh Squeezed Ginger (Looks Like Milk)
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Ginger is a magical ingredient, especially if you’re already feeling under the weather. The antioxidant is believed to fight off cold and flu symptoms, combat nausea, and is full of iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium.
Moreover,a study from 2013 showed fresh ginger may help boost the body’s respiratory system, but dry ginger did not show the same results. 


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It is also great to your gut, because research shows  that ginger can help with digestion and constipation. Ginger is ‘A warming herb, known
as “the universal medicine”, in Ayurveda,’ says Euan MacLennan, herbal director
at Pukka Herbs and medical herbalist at an NHS practice in London.


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Squeezed Ginger from Roots

Ginger Boost Your Immune System

Ginger  drinks from fresh squeezed ginger root (Zingiber officinale), are believed to help counter illness effectively and boost your immune system.Ginger potions are used since ancient times to cure a variety of diseases.

There various potions that can be made depending on anyone ingenuity. They are made by mixing fresh squeezed ginger root with lemon, orange, pineapple, apple and more.

Ginger mixed with lemon juice and other juices as shown above may help reduce inflammation, appease digestive issues, and boost your immune function.

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