Ginger milk curd

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With only 3 ingredients you can make a tasty gel within minutes. The gel is very fragile and easily “looses” liquid, in this case whey, which is seen as a clear drop under the spoon. This loss of liquid from a gel is known as syneresis.

Fool proof ginger milk curd
250 mL skimmed milk
18 g fresh Ginger Milk
20 g sugar

Combine milk and sugar in a pan and heat carefully to 65 °C. Peel. Place ginger milk in a bowl and pour milk into the ginger milk from a height to allow sufficient mixing. Do NOT stir as this will interfere with the gel formation. Leave to set at room temperature. After 5-10 min a gel has formed. The curd may be served immediately or kept in the fridge.
In this recipe I used a milk:ginger Milk ratio of 14:1. You can certainly use more ginger Milk, but the taste of ginger may then become too powerful. You can also reduce the amount of ginger milk.

With only 3 ingredients you can make a tasty gel within minutes that can carry the weight of a spoon! Notice how elastic the gel is. After the picture was taken the spoon could be removed, leaving the gel intact.


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