Cooking with Ginger

Fresh, dried and powdered ginger

For quite a long time people cooking with ginger roots sliced it and add the slices as an ingredient of the recipe.

Slicing ginger does not give you its full capacity and flavor. For some cooking experiences, you need to use the pure ginger Extract from fresh ginger roots. Ginger Milk is just that, a fresh extract ready for use.

There is a growing number of  ginger extracts in the market. However, Ginger Milk is the best because it provides you ginger extract displaying even the yellow color of ginger roots shown on the picture. A real ginger extract is very hot and requires some boiling or baking (some strong heat) to tone down the rawness of the tasted. Unless mixed with a lot of water.

Ginger Milk is gourmet extract to be used to marinade meat or fish, for baking, syrups, or for tea or beverages and ice cream. One teaspoon is sufficient to flavor your typical cake or cookie recipe.

Ginger milk can be mixed with water and boiled for a perfect natural organic  ginger tea.

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